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What is a color analysis?

A color consultant conducts an analysis to determine the best colors that harmonize and enhance your coloring.  

The Right Colors Can:                                            

Add radiance to your face, making                             
you look younger, fresher, more alive.

Help camouflage imperfections like                            
blemishes, fine lines, and dark circles.

Lessen the need for more makeup.                           

Soften facial features                                               

Make people notice YOU first, not the colors you      
are wearing.

The Wrong Colors Can:

Make you look older, tired, or sick.

Accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Accentuate blemishes, dark circles, and imperfections in the skin.

Emphasize a double chin.

Make people see your clothing or makeup first and YOU second.

What's provided in a color analysis?

Your Main Season (and sub-season if you have one). Seasons are divided into Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and are the categories used to provide you with "your colors", like Clear Spring shown in the picture below.  These would be the colors you should wear in clothing.

Makeup color suggestions based on your season with sample makeup application.

Colors you should avoid.

Jewelry colors that look best with you.

A PDF all about your season! Like the one shown below. 

Option to purchase your colors in a travel friendly book

  1. Sample of the PDF you will receive all about your colors!
    Sample of the PDF you will receive all about your colors!